Fencing Tools

We stock a range of basic Fencing Tools to make your project a little easier. Below is a selection of our bestsellers.

Digging Tools

54" Tube Handle Graft £47.88
51" Tube Handle Graft £39.41
66" Rabbiting Spade £51.64
Garden Spade £28.14
Silverline Post Hole Digger £27.74
Fence Mate Post Hole Digger £40.45
Spear & Jackson Double Shovels £61.51
Shuv Holer Universal Post Hole Digger £72.00
Silverline Digging Bar £33.48
Fencing Tamper  ( 1.5m handle )   £14.38
Silverline 1.5m x 28mm chisel & point Bar £24.91

Mauls, Post Rammers & Hammers

Bulldog Fencing Maul 14lb with Fibreglass Handle £33.94
Bulldog Fencing Maul 14lb with Hickory Handle £22.78
6" Post Rammer £52.25
5" Post Rammer £52.25
Silverline 16oz Claw Hammer with Fibreglass Handle £5.20
Silverline 16oz Claw Hammer with Metal Handle One Piece £10.32
Club Hammer 2.5lb with Hickory Handle £8.38


20" Jacksaw £9.90
12" Tenon Saw £5.94

Tools for working with Wire & Netting

Chain Wire Strainer £50.87
Bar Wire Strainer £58.11
Silverline Mini Bolt & Wire Cutters 200mm £6.10
Silverline Fencing Pliers £8.70
Orbis Fencing Pliers £26.48
14" Bolt Croppers £16.38
Bag Tie Puller £20.26
7" Netting Ring Pliers £10.13
CL22 Clip Gun £56.06
FP222 Clip Gun £27.12

Lines, Levels & Measuring

Bricklayers Line £3.27
30m Orange cord  £4.63
Yellow Synthetic Line 68m £5.96
Line Level £3.37
Silverline 1.2m Level £14.20
Silverline 1.8m Level £21.64
Silverline 5m Auto Tape Measure - Metric £2.90
Silverline 5m Chunky Tape Measure - Metric & Imperial £3.59
Silverline 50m Surveyors Tape £11.52
Metric Measuring Wheel £43.80

Gloves, Drills & Augers, Ratchet straps, Chisels & Misc. items

Silverline 10mm x 200mm Masonry Drill £1.58
Silverline 10mm x 210mm SDS Masonry Drill £3.00
Silverline 19mm x 450mm Auger Drill Bit (for field gate hook to bolt) £6.94
Silverline 30mm Flat Drill Bit (for Rimlocks) £2.42
Pozi Drive Bits (Set of 10) PZ2 or PZ3 £4.93
Magnetic Bit Holder £3.22
12 x Carpenters Pencils C/W Sharpener £4.38
4 Pc Expert Wood Chisel Set £14.34
Reflex Gloves in Orange or Green (price per pair) £3.26
Grey thin 'F' grip Gloves (price per pair) £2.49
Thermal builders Gloves  (price per pair) £2.76
Carpenters Mate Fingerless Gloves - L, XL & XXL £7.96
25mm Ratchet Strap £8.32
32mm Ratchet Strap £12.76

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